Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Division – Formitize Solution Release

Published on: 25-04-2017 | by Misty
The Formitize App and Business Solution for the Termite & Pest Control Division is now live and ready for use by all franchisees. Formitize is replacing the Jimbo App and provides a wealth of functionality… read more

Maximize the Contacts Feature in Formitize CRM for Excellent Customer Service

Published on: 25-04-2017 | by Misty
As a business owner, your No. 1 priority is your customers and meeting their needs and desires. Each customer is as precious as the last one; so you don’t want to drive them away with low quality products or poor… read more

The Memo's Guide to Switching from iPhone to Android

Published on: 24-04-2017 | by Misty
Alex Wood writes this guide for read more

What the Samsung Galaxy S8 Means for the Note 8

Published on: 19-04-2017 | by Misty
Commentary: Curved screens, Bixby AI and support for future-looking LTE – can the Note 8 bring anything more than the stylus? I think so. read more

Save Time in Your Workday with Formitize Instant Reporting

Published on: 18-04-2017 | by Misty
We’ve all been there. We need to collate the data that we have collected and generate a report that we must send to our client as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We need to access the… read more

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