How iPhone Forms Help You Gather Customer Data Accurately

How iPhone Forms Help You Gather Customer Data Accurately

Published on: 14-08-2013 | by Laura in iPhone forms

Have you ever been caught in an avalanche of paperwork that seems to grow every day? You sort through all of the reports that contain important customer data only to find that there are endless mistakes and miscalculations. To think that it took you and your staff a lot of time, money, and effort to finish gathering all of those information.

If you’re a business owner who finds paperwork burdensome and time-consuming, you’re not alone. Right now, you maybe thinking, there must be a better way to collect, collate, and store data. So what should you do now? Perhaps it’s time for you to start using smart iPhone forms and make your paperwork paperless, for good!

Smart iPhone Forms

You’re probably wondering why they’re called ‘smart’ iPhone forms. The simple answer is, these forms can be configured to match your existing forms and improve on it. Smart iPhone forms automate your data gathering process and eliminate the mistakes that you and your staff usually encounter when gathering information from your customers. From data entry to filing, archiving, and searching for the right paper reports — these manual chores become obsolete. Your mobile workforce can then focus on their field work and perform their jobs with confidence as they are fully equipped with all that they need to do their job well. Now all they need is their iPhone to access and fill out your company forms in real time.

Gather Data Accurately Using iPhone Forms

Formitize is an app designed to replace cumbersome paper reports and comes with user friendly tools that make life so much easier for you and your employees. Watch as your productivity increases with each passing day. The Formitize app combines efficiency with precision and offers these amazing features:

  • Compulsory Fields: A big issue with paper forms is sections being overlooked or missed. You can avoid this by tagging a field as mandatory. The User will not be able to submit until all required sections are complete. Say goodbye to mistakes!
  • Lookup: A very powerful feature enabling a field entry to ‘lookup’ a database and draw that information into the form. Scan a barcode or manually enter a field and product information, pricing and product images will be pulled into the form automatically.
  • Form Library: This is a dedicated section of the App that holds all forms assigned to that particular user. The User can access these forms at any time to complete a specific task if it has not been assigned from the Job Dispatcher.

Formitize iPhone forms ensure that your reports will always be accurate down to the last detail. No mistakes, no delay! These built-in features come with the Formitize app to make data gathering easy for you and your staff. All the information that you need to share with your customers are accessible using the iPhone. Even without any Internet connection, your field agents can store the data in their iPhone and, when they have Internet connection, upload it to your database, which you can view and edit whenever, wherever! Now that’s convenience at your fingertips. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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