How Mobile Forms Help Improve Business Productivity

How Mobile Forms Help Improve Business Productivity

Published on: 31-07-2013 | by Misty in mobile forms

Good news has finally arrived for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The Apple Insider reports that Apple has released the third beta build of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to its development community for testing. Their goal is to address pre-release bugs related to a range of issues, including Messages, iCloud, and AirPlay. This is especially beneficial for users of iCloud – an online environment that allows users to store mobile forms on their gadgets.

Safe and Secure Mobile Forms

The iCloud ensures that these mobile forms, which contain pertinent customer data, will remain safe and sound in a secure location whilst giving easy access to managers and business administrators. Formitize is a mobile app for business that offers security and ease of use as you make that shift from paper documents to mobile forms – a transition that will increase efficiency and productivity in your workplace.

The report also reveals that Apple has also reportedly addressed a common issue where some apps may receive either duplicate push notifications or no push notification at all. The app switcher has also been updated to show all suspended apps, Apple told developers. This is great news for iPhone and iPad users as they will soon be able to enjoy the recent updates when Apple releases the updated versions.

Formitize helps increase efficiency for your business by adding these features into your mobile forms:

Voice Recording – Detailed notes, memos, or verbal confirmations, the voice recording feature is a great add-on service for many users.

In-form Signatures – Collect signatures from technicians, customers or consultants quickly and easily with a fully integrated signature solution. You can embed these signatures in your mobile forms where required or keep them purely for recording purposes.

Barcode Reader – Use your mobile device to scan barcodes and, if required, link the code to a database and pull down information.

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize states, “Formitize converts your existing paperwork into a smart app and then integrates twenty intuitive features into your mobile forms to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and intelligence of your data collection. These features include Time and Date Stamping, GPS Mapping, In-form signature collection, Bar Code Reading, Voice Recording, and so much more.”
Formitize is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies and is being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses.

Learn how Formitize mobile forms can improve your business productivity. Take our tour now!

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