How to Automatically Generate Multiple Reports Using Smart Forms

How to Automatically Generate Multiple Reports Using Smart Forms

Published on: 04-12-2013 | by Misty in paperless, paperless forms, mobile workforce, smart forms

How important are reports to your business? As a business owner, you understand the value of reporting in all areas of your organization. Reporting provides a great venue for you to identify the business processes that needs improvement and the measures you need to take in order to make all these possible. Regular reporting also helps your staff stay on top of their responsibilities day in and day out.

Back in the day, reports used to take ages to prepare. More often than not, they were riddled with mistakes and required so many revisions that it took forever to finish just a single report. Can you imagine the resources, both human and material, that are wasted on these reports?

Why You Need Automatic Reporting

Today, technological advances have made the impossible, possible. Paperwork that took eons to complete now come in digitized form. Making your paperwork paperless not only brings a lot of cost-savings but also some much-needed changes that makes your workload significantly lighter. Using smart forms, mobile workforce can collect and collate information on the field and generate reports using the data that they gather each day. Automatic reporting takes away the extra workload as everything you need is already accessible right at your fingertips.

How Automatic Reporting Works

Generating automatic paperless reports using smart forms simplifies the whole reporting process. Using paperless solutions, you can automatically generate reports not only at the end of each job but also at each stage. When a job is dispatched to your field agents, they now have the option to automatically generate reports and email communications at the end of each stage, instantly sending advice of the different events and provides links to the smart forms for easy access. You can even make some changes in the middle of the jobs and re-issue forms that have already been submitted.

Now you too can create paperless reports that are not only informative but also cost-efficient. You can bring more life to your reports and get your message across while saving a bundle when you make that switch to paperless forms that cost less than a postage stamp each.

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