How to Monitor Your Mobile Workforce Using Paperless Forms

How to Monitor Your Mobile Workforce Using Paperless Forms

Published on: 17-09-2013 | by Misty in paperless forms, mobile workforce, mobile forms

As a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping track of your mobile workforce and their output. But, since they spend all their time in the field, how do you know that they are doing their job during those times that they are not in the office? One way is to check the time and date indicated in their submitted reports. However, doing this manually may take longer than expected, eating up precious time that you could use somewhere else. So how do you make this task faster and more efficient? Simple! Use paperless forms.

Time and Date Stamp

With Formitize mobile forms, Time and Date stamps are now automated. Formitize Time Stamp enables you to automatically time stamp all events using your paperless forms. Time stamps can also be hidden thereby providing a check between “recorded” start times and “actual” start times. Formitize Date Stamp allows you to automatically date stamp all events – a great addition for any audit process, document verification, version control, or date specific requirements. This means you can have time and date stamps in virtually any paperwork.

Monitor Your Mobile Workforce Using Paperless Forms

Now you might be thinking, “How does having a time and date stamp help me keep track of my staff while they are in the field?” Well, you don’t have to set up elaborate guidelines or strategies to check up on your mobile workforce. All you have to do is use the automatic time and date stamp to check their comings and goings. No need to change company policies. Simply activate the time and date stamps found in your paperless forms and you’re good to go. Using Formitize paperless forms, you will be able to check their start times automatically. Open your mobile forms using any iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows phone and edit in real time. No fuss, no paperwork – just monitoring simplified and at the palm of your hands.

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