How to Use Mobile Forms with the New iPhone 5S

How to Use Mobile Forms with the New iPhone 5S

Published on: 24-09-2013 | by Misty in mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless forms, smart forms

People can say what they want about the iPhone 5S but the fact still remains, Apple’s marketing rockstars knows how to make a splash! This month, not only did they launch the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but also partnered with world-famous fashion label Burberry to capture images and videos of Burberry’s fabulous Spring/Summer fashion show in London. Such a great way to grab the attention of fashion-forward consumers around the world and highlight the new and amazing camera features of the iPhone 5S.

Mobile Forms and Your iPhone

Now that you have your new iPhone 5S, you’re probably exploring the world of possibilities that you can do using your new gadget. Perhapas you’re wondering if your mobile forms still work with the new iPhone 5S. When it comes to compatibility, Formitize mobile forms work with most smart phones and tablets in the market. Whatever device you’re using - the new (or old) iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows phone - you can access your mobile forms using your device of choice anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the new iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5, or even the iPhone 4S; as long as your smart phone works, you can open, edit, and upload data using your mobile forms.

How to Use Mobile Forms in Your New iPhone

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “How do mobile forms work and how can I use them with my new iPhone 5S?” Well, you can simply open your web-based management portal - you know, the one that Formitize has customised just for you. Once you’re in, you can open, edit, upload, assign, and distribute new mobile forms to your entire mobile workforce with just a few clicks. You can manage customer data directly from your iPhone 5S or track your mobile workforce and their progress in the field. Plus, you can rest in the comfort that your data will be safe and secure because only you and your chosen employees can open your mobile forms using secret user names and passwords that only you control.

Formitize mobile forms offer one more neat feature that makes full use of the iPhone 5S - photo capture embedded into your mobile forms. Convenience meets amazing design as you capture images using your paperless forms wherever, whenever. Take advantage of this wonderful feature as you bring still images to life when you take photos using Formitize smart forms in your iPhone 5S. Now that’s technology at its finest! Discover more ways to use your mobile forms with the all-new iPhone 5S. Take our tour today!

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