How You Can Benefit from Enterprise Mobility

How You Can Benefit from Enterprise Mobility

Published on: 11-09-2013 | by Misty in enterprise mobility, enterprise, mobility, mobile forms, mobile, forms, paperless forms

Do you and your staff work outside the office, in the field, or from home? Do you constantly upload and download files, paperless forms and reports using cloud server? Do you store your company data in the cloud? If you said to any of this, then congratulations! You are an active participant of enterprise mobility. And you’re in good company!

Why is Enterprise Mobility Important?

Enterprise mobility is the change in work habits where employees perform their duties outside the four walls of the office. Instead of going to the office, they do their tasks in the field or from the comforts of their own homes, all the while using mobile devices and the cloud to get things done.

As a business owner, you will do well by adapting enterprise mobility into your daily work life because it enhances the way you do business, increases your overall productivity, which can do wonders for your bottom line. Your mobile workforce will experience the amazing benefits as their workload decreases, giving them more time to spend on customer service and face-to-face interaction with your clients.

Enterprise Mobility and the Health & Safety Industry

Sure, enterprise mobility does wonders for most businesses. But did you know that it also crosses boundaries and overlaps borders. In fact, even your doctor or physician is probably familiar with it as they have integrated this into their medical practice. By using their iPad, whether they are at the hospital or in the clinic, doctors rely on their device and the cloud as they gather data from their patients and upload all of these vital information for recording purposes.

Formitize offers one very important feature that makes collecting information so much easier for doctors and medical professionals - the overlay drawing function. You can take the drawing feature one step further with our image overlay feature, which enables you to draw over standard template backdrops. This feature is widely used in the medical sector, and can be very useful for you and your mobile workforce as it enables you to draw images onto your mobile forms using your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone device.

Enterprise mobility offers a world of possibilities for you and your mobile workforce. Make your paperwork paperless today and discover how you and your business can benefit from Formitize Enterprise Mobility. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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