iPad Forms Sync Customer Data Instantly

iPad Forms Sync Customer Data Instantly

Published on: 06-08-2013 | by Misty in iPad, iPad forms, cloud

Did you know that you can run your business online and experience massive growth by going paperless? Yes, it is possible. Sit back and watch as your business grows significantly whilst your overhead costs take a plunge. The secret is simple. Increase business efficiency and productivity using iPad forms.

Why Switch to iPad Forms?

iPad forms are great for business because you can eliminate the paperwork that comes from data collection and storage. Do you have new company brochures and colour catalogues coming out? Great! Your field agents can simply whip out their iPad or iPhone and share your latest product lines with your customers without having to lug around heavy catalogues in the field. No need to reprint new brochures or catalogues as you can simply upload a soft copy that your mobile workforce can access anytime, anywhere.

Using iPad forms in your business offers a myriad of possibilities. Your workload becomes much lighter — you and your staff will surely enjoy the benefits. No more searching around frantically for the right paper documents, especially when out in the field dealing with customers. All they have to do is switch on their iPad, open the right form, and gather the necessary information. They can even resume where they left off. That’s how easy life is when you switch to iPad forms.

Here are a few tips on how to use iPad forms:

  • Sync important data so that you can access and share the information that you need to grow your business.
  • View data in real time whilst your mobile workforce is in the field talking with your customers and collecting their information.
  • Merge new information with existing data every time you or your staff access your forms.
  • Update information so that your field agents can open and view the latest version of your iPad forms.
  • Upload any type of documents – from share sales literature and safe work method statements, to materials safety data sheet and catalogs.

Share updates to your safety manuals and company policy documents using your iPad forms.

Upload new documents as pdf files that your field agents can view and read wherever they are.

Formitize is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies. Formitize iPad forms are now being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses.

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