Revolutionary Invoice App Improves Sales and Invoicing Processes

Revolutionary Invoice App Improves Sales and Invoicing Processes

Published on: 04-02-2015 | by Misty in Invoice Approval Process, Invoice App, Invoice Software Australia, paperless, mobile workforce, enterprise mobility, mobile forms, smart forms

SYDNEY, Australia February 2015 –Business owners now have one more reason to go paperless. Before the advent of mobile applications technology, preparing the necessary financials such as invoices, purchase orders, and other similar documents was a headache for entrepreneurs. Today, Formitize – a leading global provider of paperless solutions for over eighty industries – announces its newest addition to its mobile app family – the Invoice App.

Invoice App will Improve the Entire Sales Process

This is great news for entrepreneurs everywhere – it is now possible to create invoices, draft purchase orders, and assemble financial reports without having to deal with messy paperwork. Integrating the capabilities of Formitize Invoice App into the business will introduce significant improvements to the businessman’s sales and invoicing processes and increase productivity in the output of any mobile workforce.

What Are These Improvements?

With the help of the Invoice App, entrepreneurs can now devise a system based on these features:

• Instantaneous reporting
The app’s enterprise mobility will give businesses the ability to update all relevant information whenever a new purchase is made. The sales personnel who receive the purchase order can easily create these request forms using a mobile device and forward it to both the inventory team in the warehouse so they can process the purchase.

• Integration with 200+ Cloud Based Solutions
The app’s integration with top accounting software Xero makes sure that all financial data automatically uploads to the database and can be easily entered into the software’s mobile forms when necessary. With the data already in the database, all the sales personnel have to do is to pull the information up and input to another form when creating a sales invoice. All of these smart forms are received in real time, making the Invoice Approval Process faster than before.

• Seamless transactions for customers
The business’ customers can also enjoy the paperless transaction process, which is at least sixty percent more efficient than what they were used to. From the moment that they make a purchase order, they can expect to have it processed and approved within just a few minutes. If the enterprise is dealing with many customers, they can still be assured of their order being processed within 24 hours.

• Secure data archiving for past reports and purchase orders
Filing has never been this easy and secure before. Formitize has created the ideal solution to every entrepreneur’s data storage needs – the Resources E-Library. Here, the entrepreneur and his staff can simply pull up past reports, invoices, and purchase orders – through their mobile devices. The Invoice Software Australia’s user-friendly features will have the individual creating a coherent and complete report in just a few minutes using the E-Library and the app’s database.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Invoice App is one valuable tool that every businessman should use for his ventures. Its unique array of features can improve and streamline the enterprise’s workflows, making it totally worth the investment.”

Discover how Invoice App can revolutionize sales and invoicing processes for businesses worldwide. Take the tour today!

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