3 Ways Enterprise Mobility Helps Save Money for Your Business

3 Ways Enterprise Mobility Helps Save Money for Your Business

Published on: 10-09-2013 | by Laura in enterprise mobility, enterprise, mobility, mobile forms, mobile, forms, paperless forms

Do you work from home? Do you regularly deploy staff in the field? Does a significant part of your workforce work outside instead of clocking in work hours at the office? If so, then you and your mobile workforce have embraced the growing trend of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise mobility refers to mobile workers, mobile devices, and the mobility of corporate data. The changing work habits of your mobile workers reflect this as they start using mobile devices and cloud storage services more as they shift from working in the office to working from home. So every time they open a paperless form using their smartphones or tablets, collect data, and upload new information on the cloud in the comforts of their own homes, that is enterprise mobility at work.

Enterprise Mobility and Your Business

Enterprise mobility is designed to make business processes faster, easier, and more efficient, thus, improving the way you do business. For instance, if you’re in the pest control business, then your mobile workforce spend most of their time with your customers, helping them with their pest-related problems. They gather information in the field using your mobile forms and help come up with solutions for your customers by removing their pain, in this case, eliminating pests.

So how does enterprise mobility help your business? Well, going paperless is one way. When you replace your paperwork with mobile forms, you simplify the process of data gathering as your mobile workforce can use their iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows phone device to access your paperless forms, collect, collate, and submit data in real time.

Here are 3 ways enterprise mobility helps save money for your business:

  1. Enterprise mobility improves business processes and increases efficiency; thus, saving time, money, and effort that you can channel towards other parts of your business.
  2. Enterprise mobility simplifies complicated tasks. Formitize paperless forms makes data gathering so much easier, and creative to boot! Now you can integrate new features in your old forms. This includes voice recording, photo capture and photo editor, drawings and diagrams, time and date stamp, and GPS tracking, to name a few.
  3. Enterprise mobility lightens the load, literally! No more lugging around heavy catalogues and brochures. Your customer wants to see your new products and services? No worries! Just whip out your mobile device and show them instantly!

Because enterprise mobility improves employee productivity and increases efficiency across your organisation, your mobile workforce can focus their attention on your customers’ needs. There are security risks involved; but, you can avoid these dangers by investing in your IT department and data loss prevention products and technologies. It also helps to prepare and implement a company policy to address the common security issues that arise when companies adapt enterprise mobility. Want to go one step further in your business? Save money for your business by making your paperwork paperless today. Why don’t you take our tour?

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